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First and foremost, Rate A Show is intended for entertainment usage only. Whereas we have taken precautionary measures to assure fair and honest calculation of votes on our polls, this is the Internet, and out in Internet land there are a host of unscrupulous people with nothing better to do with their time than to try a devise ways to bypass security measures. does not promote the activity of selling of collected information to other companies. Any information we collect from you will be used solely within this company. Our servers collect I.P. addresses on every computer using our service, as do most other servers on the Internet. This practice is common throughout the industry. They are used solely to resolve technical problems.

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RateAShow has many affiliates, partners, and links throughout the site. We are not responsible for any practices these connected companies adhere to. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ THEIR POLICIES BEFORE ENTERING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THEIR SITES. You can find the policies listed somewhere on the questioned sites (usually at the bottom of the home page). If you cannot locate the polices it should be assumed by you that they not only collect all information they can, but also sale it to advertising companies and that if you do submit private personal information on these sites that they will abuse it to the fullest extent possible!!!

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