Rate A Show's Television Quiz

1) What is the Longest Running Television Sitcom?
a) Mash.
b) Friends.
c) The Simpsons.
d) Seinfeld.


3) What is The Longest Running Prime Time Show?
a) Law and Order: SVU.
b) America's Most Wanted.
c) Gunsmoke.
d) The Simpsons.


5) Who is the Highest Paid Television Actor?
a) Charlie Sheen.
b) Ashton Kutcher.
c) Ray Romano.
d) Kelsey Grammer.


7) Which Series Finale Was the Most Watched?
a) Seinfeld.
b) Cheers.
c) MASH.
d) Friends.


9) What Series has the Largest "Worldwide" Audience?
a) CSI
b) Law and Order
c) Friends
d) Two and a Half Men
2) Which Show Holds The Record For Most Consecutive #1 Seasons?
a) American Idol.
b) Jon & Kate Plus 8.
c) Big Brother.
d) Survivor.


4) What is the Most Watched Primetime Drama?
a) NCIS.
b) Castle.
c) Law and Order: SVU.
d) CSI.


6) What is the Most Popular Game Show?
a) Wheel of Fortune.
b) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
c) Deal or No Deal.
d) Family Feud.


8) Who has Tied Gunsmoke's Marshal Matt Dillon For the Longest Running Primetime TV Character?
a) Frasier Crane
b) Bart Simpson
c) Detective John Munch
d) Erica Kane


10) What Primetime Series Has Won The Most Emmy Awards?
a) CSI
b) Frasier
c) ER
d) The Simpsons

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